This page can be customized by you. Go to the "pages" directory on your server and open this page to edit its contents. Please note:

The link name of this page is what you insert between the TITLE start and end tags.

You can create unlimited extra pages but do not name them "top_modulename_000" (where modulename represents the module you want the page to appear in ie. home, auto, or base, and the zeroes represent any digits) unless you want the link for it to appear in your sidebar menu. If you want any extra pages linked from within the main pages, name those pages anything but "top_modulename_000".

If you prefer not to display this page or any other page in the sidebar (except for subscription and staff links), simply remove or rename (to something other than "top_modulename_000") the main pages.

The page titled "top_modulename_00.html" is an include template (if you view that page on its own, it's incorrectly formatted) containing a portion of the default main page. You may edit this page, but it should not be removed or renamed.